Herbal Diaper Salve
Herbal Diaper Salve

Herbal Diaper Salve

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     We love wee babes!  That's why we at Live Free created the perfect balm for their little bums.  The soothing properties of the calendula and lavender combined with the anti-fungal properties of the grapefruit seed extract make this a gentle way to keep rashes at bay. Are you into cloth diapers? We got you covered. Our salve is 100% cloth diaper safe. 


Directed Use: Apply to diaper rash or other skin irritations as often as needed.


100% organic 



Ingredients:  *olive oil, bees' wax, *lavender, *calendula, *rose petals, *rosemary, *yarrow, grapefruit seed extract, and *therapeutic grade Bulgarian lavender essential oil




Here at Live Free Organics, we produce all of our products in small batches to better preserve the quality and integrity of each ingredient. We only use the finest organic, all natural, and when possible, local ingredients to curate your in-home spa experience. Each individual ingredient is carefully chosen for its particular healing and therapeutic value.
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